The line is designed for automatic feeding of paper bags to a vacuum conveyor, positioning, printing, labeling and assembling of bags on a discharge conveyor. The solution is build on INTRAMOTION vacuum conveyors, Siemens controls, SEW Eurodrive drives , Festo vacuum and pneumatic components, Habasit conveyor belt and labeling units from Market Imaje.At the beginning of the line, the operator loads the TC-860F feeder with unmarked bags. Bags are placed with a closed valve towards the operator, for more accurate positioning of them on the conveyor system. The mechanism of separating and laying out the bags feeds the bag onto the TC-860 vacuum conveyor with a length of 2.5 meters, on which the RJNet printer installed. The conveyor stops for printing. After printing, the bag is fed to a TC-860L vacuum belt conveyor with a length of 5 m, on which 3 applicators are installed, the label is applied alternately. All applicators are located with the bobbin inward for the convenience of the operator. After marking, the bags are placed on the TC-860LW discharge conveyor.
• Belt conveyor TC-860– 1 PC• Belt conveyor TC-860L– 1 PC.• Belt conveyor TC-860LW– 1 PC.• Feeder TC-860F– 1 PC.• Control Box – 1 PC.• Printer – 1 PC.• Applicator – 3 PC.



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