Bearing processing line automation

In 2022 IntraMotion Ukraine automated TRB rings processing line. Production flow predicts inner and outer ring flows merge and diversion, changing level with lifts, positioning control, buffering and logic programming based FIFO and green flow principles, as well as Safety guards and enclosure.

Rings redirection on parallel conveyors with pneumatic drive

Continuous product flow require redirection between the lines, processes and different levels.Such solutions equipped with presence sensors, accumulation areas, products positioning modules or fault modules. Module is based on DRVS Festo pneumodrive.

Incline and turn conveyors

Modular plastic chain conveyors are proper solution in limited space areas.Small radius, accumulation possibility, fast and simple installation, flexibility in modification.

Connecting different level conveyors with pneumatic lifts

Using top levels for transportation is effective to save production area
Lift helps to connect such flows fast end efficient. 
Module is driven by DGC Festo pneumodrive.

Ring positioning control and diversion

Ring position check and rotation module in action is
robust 24/7 solution

Solutions for accumulation and buffering

Continuous product flow require buffering between processes and equipment

Randomiser for accumulation tables

Accumulation tables for inspection and packaging require effective space usageElectromechanical randomizer prevents overloads.

Rings load and positioning 

Ring position check and and loading mechanism for further processing

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